May Service – The Spring & Activity – Scavenger Hunt

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  • Saturday, May 30
  • 10 AM
  • The Spring Donation Center – 209 N. Willow Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33606

This month we’re combining the May Service and May Activity into one great event.

Get ready for the most fun you’ve ever had at a service event! We’re asking you to help us collect clothing and supplies for The Spring, a shelter for women as well as men and boys.

Scavenge through your closests, drawers, pantries and cupboards for any unwanted clothing, non-perishable food, shelter supplies and educational supplies. You can see The Spring’s a full wish list at

Then bring your booty to The Spring’s donation center on Willow Avenue.

After you make your donation, we’re setting out on a Scavenger Hunt! We’ll be grouped into teams and head out completing a list of challenges. Don’t worry, none of the challenges are hard or physically intensive, but some will make you think (or use a little help from the web). A complete list of the rules will be provided with your list of challenges. Afterwards, we’ll all meet up for the victory celebration and lunch.

A great prize will be awarded to the winning team! Also, be sure to bring your fully charged smart phone (only 1 needed per team), the challenges require pictures as proof of completion.


Please be on time so we can start the scavenger
hunt on time with all teams

There is no limit to the number of people we can have, so bring your friends!

Participants are responsible for their own lunches.

Carpooling is encouraged.